New year is always about resolutions,right?Everyone you see around you wishes you new year along with a question “What is your new year resolution?”.Many of you actually have major new year resolutions and some of them have simple and basic resolutions which will actually help them furnishing themselves.And the rest,like me have NO resolution.Well,having no resolutions doesn’t mean you will sit on your sofa idle the whole year!Anyways,this year for a change,i do have some new year resolution as i’m going to turn 18 this year as well.So,just want to make things sound interesting atleast.And try making my resolutions yours too!It will be helpful for sure.These are not really resolutions but little reminders which you should never forget.

1. Priority

So,if you’re having a bad time or you just recently had a breakup or even if you are in a relationship,or if you are married and if you are not married,if you are a student or even if you are not.Do i need to make you understand how important you are for yourself?You should be your first priority.Love yourself even when you have dark circles and marks on your face,love yourself even if you don’t eat healthy or you are getting bad grades or a bad salary.Love yourself even when your favourite dress don’t fit you anymore. Don’t ever give up on yourself cause trust me,YOURE AMAZING.

2. Read and get relieved

We all are having a great stressful life and we all need a break from almost everything.But that’s not possible everytime.And it kind of depresses us too.So,i have a solution for that.Read something everyday.Reading is so helpful,read anything.It may be a novel or a magazine,it will help you refresh yourself.Reading a novel takes you away from stress and from the worries of your life and you just focus on what you’re reading.You feel relieved.You feel peace.

3.Travel and feel happy

Travel as much as you can,wherever and whenever.Never say  NO to travelling.Travelling will help you explore yourself too.You will feel happy and lively.Life is too short to say  NO to travelling.

4.Smile and know the art of complimenting

Smile a lot.But not so much infront of strangers.But when you’re with people you love.You must smile a lot.Compliment them.And make them feel good.Trust me,you’ll feel good too.Don’t try to flatter them as it may sound too cheesy.There is a very thin line between complimenting and flattering,and i’m sure all of us are very much aware of this thin line.For example,if you want to compliment any girl(mother,sister,wife,girlfriend,friend),you can just say “I like the way you tied your hairs”.Now,that’s not cheesy.It’s more like complimenting.It would have turn cheesy if you would have said something about her eyes.As most of the people do.

5.Creativity and activity

Do something creative.I mean,instead of sticking to your phone do something which will make you happy.Draw something,scribble something or anything.Join some dance or music class or any gym.Make your mind and body active.It’s not neccessary,to make yourself fit you need to go to the gym.You can just do a 30 minutes yoga and keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.Try drinking a glass of water as soon as you get up from sleep.And bath daily.



Little Things & You

I sat there all alone for a few minutes and kept thinking whether it was you who left me or your love that didn’t last.Things were never right but we believed in healing each other through love.It’s true love is never enough but your presence was.Now that i have moved on,i ask myself were you the one or you were just like everyone.I always keep that question to myself and leave it unanswered.

“You and i and everything around us is destined to be together”You said looking into my eyes.Eyes that conveyed more then  just words.But your words were something, my ears were in love with.

But it’s also true that i don’t miss you.Not your comforting words or your arms wrapped around me.At times,i find it difficult to remember your face.And at times,i exactly know how your jaw lines met at an intersection letting it bend a bit towards your lips.It was not hard for me to forget you cause i was always clear in my mind that moving on doesn’t mean forcing myself to forget everything about you.I don’t have all your gifts that you gave me or the cards and letters you sent me.But i do remember what you wrote on them and every full stop and commas you inserted perfectly in each sentence.

Things matter to me a bit less now cause i know what i deserve will come on my way without even trying.